Unofficial LineageOS Builds

File Size D/Ls Security Patch Vendor
Security Patch
chagalllte — SM-T805 — Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 LTE
hash: 41619b58d8b30b12ae61da073850c9e2e29def3acb5824afb82160c85b21d5ce
442.6 miB 517 2023-02-05 2016-07-01
hash: a998ae1203c8872ecd872f016c63f37ac7c71834f1aa8e1a61c4f5ba9769caa1
442.5 miB 65 ? ?
chagallwifi — SM-T800 — Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi
hash: 3770f92371a674ae0ec3b8f65a00362a7035431fda8dbf977ddc1a503433ea74
423.1 miB 683 2023-02-05 2017-08-01
hash: 011261e8603d2092cf70d1fb46f3ac645adf3d51c9eec2a5be118599857b61e4
423.1 miB 146 ? ?
klimtlte — SM-T705 — Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 LTE
hash: 7329536c0c2cbb0f1cc93fa5d8a89549741920dff58f3be208310e3a3df48f62
442.3 miB 561 2023-02-05 2016-11-01
hash: 61ff692f7179901c21ddb2df3e90daa537bb5bcaca4cc9c42e5cfc0749d74a1b
442.3 miB 91 ? ?
klimtwifi — SM-T700 — Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi
hash: 556c32c12ea0686eef616f9bfdd4a85c3b6ea09778aacc2c01120f6c12526622
423.0 miB 565 2023-02-05 2017-08-01
hash: 749b0672f5d1d23db0a207333492683dc040dc0b12056bdc7e36b13f314413cf
423.1 miB 445 ? ?


  • Why?
    • Manufacturers like Samsung stop releasing OS updates for their devices long before the hardware becomes truly obsolete. These updates are important for system security and sometimes come with other nice improvements. Volunteers at the LineageOS organization have rescued many such abandoned devices by releasing their own distribution of android to run on them and supplying precompiled builds of their own. But, even they have their limits with supporting old hardware. Official LineageOS builds are no longer available for some of my devices, so I've compiled my own and shared them here in case others find them useful. They come without warranty and you use them at your own risk, but if you have backups and generally know what you're doing (i.e. are familiar with the basics of tools like Odin, adb, and TWRP) you'll probably be okay.
  • How do I use these builds?
    • Follow an installation guide like one of these: chagallwifi | chagalllte | klimtlte | klimtwifi.
    • If that's not sufficient, take a look at some of the threads on the XDA forums.
    • If all that seems too complicated, either keep reading until you understand, or congratulate yourself on recognizing that your true calling lies elsewhere and then enjoy your life far from such noise.
  • Can you help me with X?
    • No, sorry. This is a volunteer effort and I have to set boundaries somewhere. But the XDA forums are an amazing (if labyrinthine) resource, and you may find general guidance on running non-stock firmware within.
    • If one of my builds is utterly broken, though, I would like to know. You can message me on XDA or send an email to x.
  • How were these created?
    • Using the steps outlined in the LineageOS build docs, with added device support from the exynos5420 projects, mostly automated with some custom scripts. Everything is compiled in a clean Docker container.
    • If you'd like to try building some yourself, you may have luck with this docker-lineageos project. I haven't personally tried it, but it seems similar to what I've made for myself.
  • What special tweaks/patches do these builds contain?
    • None, at the moment, aside from tweaking the OTA updater to check this site for new builds. I'm fairly new to this, all things considered.
    • There are other builds for tablets from the same exynos5420 family with more customizations from other contributors on the XDA forums. I've linked some below. Mine are comparatively vanilla.
  • Future plans, as time and energy allow:

— glitch